Tuesday 15th September 2020


Dear Sirs,

Further to your brief correspondence of 11th September stating your desire for a ‘firm, enforceable arrangement’ we confirm that we are more than happy to work towards just such an arrangement so long as it protects the interests of all concerned.

Of late, many, including members of the public, the project team, supporters and sponsors have become somewhat weary of what are viewed as unnecessary delays visited upon this endeavour so we feel the time to see matters dealt with expediently is long overdue.

To that end you will soon be contacted by Mr. Jordan Aspin to organise a video conference in order that we can both set out what we need to move forwards. Jordan is a Cumbrian local. Based in Barrow and a very capable and professional man and so an excellent candidate to host a video conference. Once you have had your meeting with Jordan we will be able to plan our next step.

We hope that this plan meets with your approval, look forward to hearing from you and remain.

Yours faithfully.
The Bluebird Project Team

Sunday 6th September 2020


Dear Sirs,

It is two years since Bluebird K7 last ran and those two years have given no benefit to anyone. We, and many others, therefore feel that enough is enough and the time for positive action has come. 

We have spoken with the relevant authorities on the Isle of Bute and obtained their complete support for a second crew training exercise, now necessary due to the lengthy lay-up of both machine and crew, and we hereby formally invite you to join with us in planning two back to back events. 

We invite you to work alongside whomsoever of our team you prefer in planning and hosting every detail of a new crew training exercise, which will be in effect a homecoming to Coniston event in perfect miniature. We offer to share our experience and knowledge with the aim of planning in parallel a similar event on Coniston Water a year later.

Carrying out a second crew training would not only bring both machine and team to the peak of efficiency ahead of the Coniston event it would also give us the necessary time to complete the restoration and bring the boat to display standard. 

Having come off the water in this condition we would then have approximately 12 months to not only carry out any necessary maintenance on the boat and construction of any items needed for her display but also time to work with yourselves to finalise the Coniston event. 

We would then hope that having travelled this journey together we would have long since ironed out in a friendly way any lingering issues and be in a position to place Bluebird on display in her wing following her triumphant homecoming and operation on Coniston Water.

2021 and 2022 is just achievable or, should you require more time, we can aim for 2022/23. 

We feel that this is a very reasonable and positive way to move forward and hope that you agree. We would appreciate your thoughts at the earliest as there is much to do and the sooner we get started the sooner everyone can enjoy Bluebird again. 


Yours faithfully, 


The Bluebird Project Team.



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